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In Warmonger you will take the role of Prime Minister of a country located on an island in the center of a continent. The four nations that run the continent are at war with each other, and suspect that if the war ends your country will be the next target of the nation that stands.

So your goal as prime minister is to maintain balanced war between the four nations sending shipments of supplies while at the same time you send diplomatic overtures for a peaceful solution.
We count on you, Prime Minister!


*Francisco Núñez Villagómez (Artist)

*Alejandro Corvera Fernández(Music composer)

*Gabriel Aramis Sardaneta del Collado(Programmer)

*Daniel Álvarez Castro (Programmer)

Install instructions

Unzip the .rar file and keep the folder and the .exe in the same directory.


Warmonger 1.0.2.zip 28 MB

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